October 7, 2017

The AAP No Longer Claims that Vaccines Don't Cause Autism!

They issued a new statement in January. No one noticed.

The American Academy of Pediatrics actually makes no firm statement anymore on the link in its official stance, but merely comments on one segment of the research. This is their discussion on the topic:


“Over the past decade, questions have been raised regarding a relationship between autism and vaccines. Along with general safety concerns, parents have wondered about:

• too many vaccines overwhelming the immune system;

• the measles, mumps, rubella combination vaccine (MMR); and

• the preservative thimerosal, which was never present in MMR but was present in several vaccines used in the 1990s, but has since been removed from all routinely used childhood vaccines with the exception of flu.

Research has been conducted on all of these topics, and the studies continue to find vaccines to be a safe and effective way to prevent serious disease. This document lists those studies and provides links to the publications to allow parents and all those who administer or recommend vaccines to read the evidence for themselves. These studies do not show any link between autism and MMR vaccine, thimerosal, multiple vaccines given at once, fevers or seizures. This is not an exhaustive list- vaccine safety studies are constantly being conducted and published and may not be reflected here.”

Note the last two sentences state that, while the studies they list show no link, that they admit that they do not list all the applicable studies.

Note that they do not list any of the papers that I have cited that do demonstrate links between vaccines and autism. They have simply cherry picked the research.

Note that they use the authors and papers at the center of the current scandals, published by DeStefano, Boyle, Yeargen-Allsopp, Thompson, Thorsen and Madsen.

These are those other papers that they mention. They all give evidence that vaccines cause autism.


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Frank said...

Great Articles! Just want to comment on point two under the Buuny meme. You said the AAP put out a list of 48 studies saying vaccines dont cause autism. If you read through them carefully, you will see there is not a single study that says vaccines do not cause autism.

What they do say is the MMR vaccine does not cause autism. or Thimerosal does not cause autism. A couple of the studies just talk about the antigens in vaccines, ignoring the aluminum etc. They seem to forget the other 14 vaccines, especially the DTaP vaccine which is the most likely culprit.
Even the IOM report only says the mmr vaccine does not cause autism. and the DTaP section says there are no studies, so concludes their is not enough evidence to say if the DTaP may or may not cause autism.
They have zero studies that actually say vaccines or DTap vaccine do not cause autism. They can only say the mmr does not cause autism. Even the Taylor study, if you read the acutral study, not the abstract, you see the 10 studies they looked at is just about the mmr and or thimerisal. And one DTP study that only looked at thimerosal.

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