April 14, 2015

Paul Offit Pulls Out of a Debate with Toni Bark

Paul Offit and Toni Bark were set to appear today on the Mike Gallagher radio show to discuss vaccines.

Offit canceled.

Interesting follow up to the refusal to appear on Democracy Now at the same time as Mary Holland.  The hosts called him out for it on the air and Offit melted down.

Paul Offit is a liar and a coward.

I long for the day he is placed under oath, is made to testify and is cross examined.


Debating vaccine safety is beneath Paul Offit:


Wade Rankin said...

What a shock (not)!

Nancy T-B said...

Liar and coward is what he is on a good day

Unknown said...

There's only one truthful side to this issue and he's not on the side of truth. There ARE toxins in vaccines. It's not just about autism either. Kids are suffering many injuries and even DYING, Paul! What an insufferable hack.

Pamela said...

What makes you think he'd tell the truth under oath?

lookingatthebigpicture said...

Good grief! I can't believe he tried to equate vaccine safety with the laws of gravity. God-complex much? I think he must truly believe his own lies.

JimBeam said...

Wow.. so he is above everybody. I guess he must be a God? Lol what a douchebag