April 18, 2015

Surgeon General Uses Elmo to Sell Vaccines to Minors

It is unethical to market pharmaceuticals to children.

It is unethical to market pharmaceuticals to children.

Children cannot make informed consent decisions, so it is unethical to market pharmaceuticals to children.

But that is what the Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, MD, MBA is doing.  And his target audience is three and a half year olds. While not so subtlety taunting those who are resistant to vaccinating.

The Surgeon General met with Elmo, a three and a half year old monster, to tell him that vaccines are safe.  I guess he didn't feel that a three and a half year old would understand what it meant if he said that vaccines were legally classified as "unavoidably unsafe," so that makes it OK to lie to him?

Elmo apparently believes the unethical government propaganda targeted at the the three and a half year old monster, as he shows up to the doctors office to get a shot.  Note that neither Elmo or his legal guardians are given the CDC Vaccine Information Sheet that the nurse is required by law to give him or his parents before a vaccine is administered. How will Elmo know that the adverse outcomes of some vaccines include seizures, coma, paralysis, brain damage and death?  What about Elmo's right to free, prior and informed consent?   Did they even ask his parents any questions to screen for potential vaccine reactions?

No need... "vaccines are safe,"  right?

One parent whose child has had some very severe adverse reactions was a bit concerned about this turn of events, so she decided to check in on Elmo and this is what she found:

Oh THAT'S why some people don't vaccinate!  Thanks for the lesson Elmo!

And now here's a baby with a vaccine induced seizure disorder.  She had 16 of them that day.

It is unethical to market pharmaceuticals to children.

You can remind the Surgeon General of that inconvenient fact at:





My comment to Murthy on his hew fb page:

"Elmo has an excuse for believing that vaccines are "safe" and can "keep you healthy." He is only three years old. You on the other hand are a responsible grown up and an MD and THE top public health official and should know that vaccines are legally classified as "unavoidably unsafe" per the US Supreme Court, and can cause serious adverse out comes including seizures, coma, paralysis, brain damage and death in some people.


Remove this unethical video. It defines propaganda to children. Three year olds are not able to participate in informed consent in medical decision making and it is UNETHICAL to direct marketing messages to them.

Further, there is an upsetting irony to this particular piece of propaganda. Many vaccine injured teens and adults, with serious brain damage and developmental disabilities, love Elmo. It is a slap in the face to those families. Especially when it ends with taunt at vaccine resistant families, "why doesn't everyone get a vaccination?" as if there was no federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program that has paid out $3 billion in damages to 4000 vaccine injury and death cases.

Vaccine injury families are suffering, few can get proper care for their children, and this rubs salt in the wounds."


Jeffrey Jaxen furthers the argument with a much less sarcastic piece:

Surgeon General Targets Children, Violates FTC & FDA laws?


Marco Cáceres remarks on how aggressive and comprehensive this vaccine push is:

Vaccines: It's Elmo's World


Video of Elmo's regression has surfaced:


ignore no more said...

i needed this badly! thank you so much!!

ignore no more said...
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Jeff Simon said...

Am I the only one who noticed that Elmo isn't 3 years old, but he's actually a 30 year old who has the capacity of a 3 year old? Hmmm. Sounds like an adverse effect from . . . don't tell me . . . I'll remember . . .

Darren said...

Good job on being stupid. Capital work.

Biochemist who agrees with disease control said...

While it is true that when you are immunized you are presented with the possible side effects, immunizations (vaccines) do not cause autism. This myth came about from a single scientific paper that has since been discredited. If you are researching the internet, look for words like immunizations which prove that the source is reliable. Immunizing your family members is an excellent choice that improves both their health and that of the general population that they interact with.

Seth Catalano said...

Okay, well if you don't want to vaccinate your children because you think they will "touch boobies," then you should go to a country where they don't have vaccinations. Your body can harbor and allow pathogens to mutate if you don't get vaccinated. You're a damn idiot and need to get off the internet and stop feeding into fear and ignorance.

J Bishop said...


Something to consider about pertussis vaccination:


Also, any attenuated live viral vaccines like MMR, varicella have the potential revert to an infectious form and cause cases of horizontal disease transmission and are an exposure risk for the immune compromised.

Some vaccinations that target only specific strains of a disease group have also led to a shifting of prevalence of infections from strains not covered by the vaccine, and some believe we may be observing an acceleration of viral mutation with vaccine use that is similar in effect to the antibiotic resistance we are seeing from antibiotic use.

None of the above considers the added risk of skewing an individual's immune response toward allergy or autoimmunity.

@ Biochemist who agrees ... My recommendation regarding sources that use the word "immunization" is more the opposite as vaccination does not equate with immunization. You can get a vaccine and not develop protective immunity. Sources that use the term immunization tend to present a propagandistic version in my experience of vaccine issues instead of all details known and what is currently not known as would be necessary for informed consent.

Ginger Taylor said...

I appreciate the comment, Bishop, but I you check Seth's profile you will see that he is a 15 year old.

brandoniron76 said...

Your either a fuggin moron or a astroturfing shill... either way wake up dude! Go get YOUR poison shots and leave us the hell alone.

brandoniron76 said...

Wow your so intelligent you MUST have been fully vaccinated! lolol on a serious note. WAKE UP! this is REAL MAN! ask me how I know..... Ill tell you all about my son and daughter and many peoples kids I know who've been worse off than us as a direct result of these same "vaccinations" till then vaccinations, you do NOT have the true honest facts OR real life experience to talk shit like you do.

Scratcher said...

Ginger Taylor, you are an idiot! Each of those memes are flaming LIES! Brandon, vaccines aren't poison you dip! If you had trouble with your kids it wasn't the vaccines that did it. Prove that they did, with specialist proof! Oh yeah I'll bet you flaming can't because you think you know better than trained medicos!

Kristal Mazzola said...

Do you know what is in vaccines? Do you think it is rainbows and sunshine? Wow maybe you need to inform yourself before entering an adult discussion.

Jonathan Waldmann said...

maybe Elmo can remind you of what a tool is

Jonathan Waldmann said...

maybe Elmo can remind you of what a tool is

Firestarter said...

Kristal Mazzola, do you know what is in salt? Or water? Inform yourself before entering an adult discussion.

J Bishop said...

"I appreciate the comment, Bishop, but I you check Seth's profile you will see that he is a 15 year old."

Yikes! I can't remember being 15 (Which will come first? wisdom or senility)...and I hope Seth won't mind that I just assumed he was 19, or 20 or something.

Robin Nemeth said...

I know of a child who at the age of seventeen was prescribed Abilify. The drug was marketed -- the 'informtion' flyer he was given had a drawing at the top of a group of young children, all with their arms around each other and a puppy out front -- and then prescribed for off label use. As this is illegal, I contacted the prescribing doctor as well as the government agency tasked with oversight of that. Guess what. They don't give a rat's ass.

pianorox said...

Sorry but children don't take themselves to the doctor and pay for vaccines. Nobody is marketing the idea to children so they will tell their parents "mommy please take me to get a shot like Elmo" Your logic is flawed.

And it would be good if you followed your own advice: "do the research"