July 16, 2010

Film: Shots in the Dark

Made a film about the vaccine injured, including our community. It was made by the Film Board of Canada, but has not been released, and it is reported that the Canadian Prime Minister does not want it released.

It was posted on You Tube last fall. I am not sure how I missed this until now.

Shots in the Dark


annsjamminagain said...

A very sober presentation. How very different than the Frontline presentation! I wholly support Dr. Andrew Wakefield, and wish there were more Pediatricians, doctors and politicians like the ones presented here. I wish more people with power were asking and seeking the unadulterated versions of the truth about vaccines and the stigma attached to persons opting-out on vaccines!

K Fuller said...

All I can think of to do it forward this to our local media and legislators. They don't listen.

K Fuller said...

Ginger, Do you know how we could get a copy of the whole video?

Lioralourie said...

I downloaded SHOTS IN THE DARK off of Vuze torrent sharing program (vuze.com) search for Shots in the Dark, it's a beautiful high quality version.