July 1, 2010

The Autism Rate is 3.5% in Israel? WTF!

UPDATE: This article was written carelessly... 3.5% was the rate of IVF in the general population... NOT autism. It should read: "a significantly higher number than the 3.5% IVF rate in the general Israeli population." Thanks Michelle.

But as the autism rate in the Minnesota Somali population is 1 in 28 and CDC, two years later, still can't find the time to go study them, and no one seems disturbed by that phenom... I don't think that my incredulousness over the blaze attitude with which dramatic changes in autism rates are met is unwarranted.

We have got to wake up..

Original Post: Talk about burying the lead!

This article on the high autism rate among IVF children in Israel (more than ten percent) almost casually mentions that autism, in the general population there is 3.5%! That is 1 in 29 children!

IVF Linked to Autism, Israeli Study Suggests

ScienceDaily (June 30, 2010) — The first "test tube baby" was born in 1978. With advances in reproductive science, an estimated one percent of all American babies are now born each year through in vitro fertilization (IVF). But IVF and other assisted fertility treatments may be solving one problem by creating another, suggests new evidence from Tel Aviv University.

In a recent study, Dr. Ditza Zachor of Tel Aviv University's Sackler School of Medicine reported a strong link between IVF and mild to moderate cases of autism. Her findings were presented last month at the International Meeting for Autism Research in Philadelphia.

According to her research at the Autism Center at the Assaf Harofeh Medical Center in Israel, which Dr. Zachor directs, 10.5% of 461 children diagnosed with a disorder on the autism spectrum were conceived using IVF, a significantly higher number than the 3.5% autism rate in the general Israeli population.

Where does this number come from? And why is this not on the front page of every newspaper in the world! A disorder that was only documented 70 years ago, when only 11 children in the world could be found by the father of child psychiatry over the course of 8 years, is now the dx of between 1 and 3.5 percent of the industrialized world? What the Fuck?!!!

The UK number is 1 in 60. The published US number is 1 in 90, but that is for 12 year olds, I don't even know what the rate is for my son's birth cohort in 2002, and I hear that in the halls of government the number 1 in 60 is being batted around as the real number in the US as well!

Last fall, the 09.09.09 campaign that the National Autism Association put on asked the question... when was autism going to be considered urgent.. it has gone from 1 in 250 to 1 in 90 since my son was diagnosed six years ago... NAA asked, does it have to get to 1 in 20 before people get upset and actually do something?

APPARENTLY NOT EVEN THAT HIGH A RATE WILL CAUSE ALARM!!! A 1 in 29 rate is buried in Science Daily?! I reiterate... WHAT THE FUCK!!

I can't help asking the question... are we seeing the beginning of the downfall of the human race? Remember the beginning of Shaun Of The Dead, how our hero was drifting through London not noticing that society was falling down around him? Is that happening here? What is happening?! Why is no one freaking out?!


K Fuller said...

Maybe the people here would like to work with you to stir up some anger!

fareastphillips said...

Ginger, maybe they are just better at counting than we are. I wrote this blog in May about autism rates in the U.S. and what they would be now, given that we haven't done anything to cap the well, if rates have grown as steadily between the 1998 birth cohort and today as they did prior.

Ginger Taylor said...

Well... looks like you called it Leslie.

I am still just in shock.

Just one more crime against humanity that will go ignored? To what end?

Lynn said...

Unbelievable! I had not seen this...thanks so much for posting.

BlogStalker said...

I didn't understand why people weren't freaking out when it was one in 266. I guess it will have to be fifty percent before our leaders take notice. Or doctors. Obviously, big pharma is never going to care, they will just switch to making the drugs that "cure" or "prevent" autism, the way that vaccines "prevent" illness. I remember a documentary where the doctors who made a fortune from surgical breast implants supplemented that fortune by removing them also when they were found to be toxic. I bet cigarette manufacturers make Nicorette too.


Robin Nemeth said...

I'm not exactly sure it's the one in twenty nine number that has me terrified. Like with the gulf spill, it's the overall piture that I find scarier than any of the individual statistics. (Which I think can be and often are twisted.)

At any rate, you can consider me officially freaked out, nonetheless. Have been for six years.

Michelle Dawson said...

The 3.5% figure is the rate of IVF, not of autism, in case anyone's interested.

"Of the 564 participants, 461 (81%) children, (M=39.8 months, SD=26.3) were diagnosed with ASD. IVF was present in 10.2% (47/438) which was significantly higher than the rate in the general Israeli population (3.5%)..."

Ginger Taylor said...

OMG... Thank you Michelle... you are right. BADLY written article!

BAD Science Daily!!!

This should have read: "a significantly higher number than the 3.5% IVF rate in the general Israeli population."

So anyone know what the real rate in Israel is?

For that matter... any one know what the REAL rate in the US is?

Mrs. Ed said...

I share your frustration. Do you remember old shows like Twilight Zone, which would show people in the future to be like mindless zombies, walking around in a daze? I'm beginning to see what they mean.

Arthur Golden said...

My wife and I have lived in Israel for over 14 years, along with our now 38 year-old completely nonverbal son Ben, who was diagnosed with autism over 30 years ago in our home city of Boston under the narrow definition found in DSM-3.

I have not found any information about the rate of autism in Israel. I have found that services in Israel for both children and adults with autism are now comparable to those in the U.S. Services in Israel seem to me to be improving while services are declining in the U.S.

I do wish to publicly object to the statement "are we seeing the beginning of the downfall of the human race?" Here in Israel, many of us are concerned that we are seeing the end of the downfall of the human race caused by the materialism of "normal" human beings - and it may be that autistics will be the salvation of the human race.

Arthur Golden

Ginger Taylor said...


re: the downfall of the human race... I wholeheartedly agree with you about the materialism corrupting humankind, but perhaps a more succinct verbiage would be that the autism epidemic is just the tip of the toxic iceburg that we are about to slam into.

re: the salvation of the human race...

I wrote a six part series that touches on that question... I hope you will take the time to read it.


Arthur Golden said...

It is past midnight here, but I look forward to reading your six part series that you wrote 3 years ago.

Despite my involvement in spiritual matters, I also am deeply involved in practical matters. I would also be very interested in reading about "your beautiful boy" (which sounds like he is a lot younger than my own son Ben) and seeing if my "few" more years of experience can generate any more practical suggestions (just in case the world lasts any longer).

Arthur Golden of Jerusalem

Arthur Golden said...

I read your six part series written over 3 years ago "Autism in G-d's Economy" in which I found that your beautiful boy Chandler was born in early 2002 so he is now 8 years old while my son Ben is 38 years old, 30 years older. I now realize that I was misled by your short statement in this blog "are we seeing the beginning of the downfall of the human race?" However, you then comment "that the autism epidemic is just the tip of the toxic iceburg that we are about to slam into." I am confused about how you reconcile such statements with your views expressed 3 years ago that include a statement simlar to my own expressed views a decade earlier than then:

"I think that G-d may be sprinkling them all around the world to give many of us a chance to show Him who we really are. Do we really serve Him, or do we serve ourselves?..."

In all modesty, I think I have been living "in G-d's economy" for over 30 years thanks to my son Ben, in accordance with my orthodox Judaism (physically and spiritually directly descended from the Pharisees). Is this blog entry an appropriate place to make other such comments or do you wish to contact me by private email at golden.arthur@gmail.com ?

Arthur Golden of Jerusalem

Anonymous said...

Does IVF involve/include Thimerosal?