September 8, 2009

09.09.09 How Much Longer

Tomorrow, September 9th 2009, the National Autism Association will be holding the 09.09.09 campaign to ask those responsible for serving children how much longer we will have to wait until the disaster of the autism epidemic is admitted to, addressed, stopped and our children are given the care and protection that they are due.

The autism rate is no 1 in 100, and rising. The time has come for us all to demand that those in power stop the corrupt practices that have created this public health epidemic and undo the damage that has been done.

The canary in the coal mine has become hundreds of thousands of canaries. Our governments and medical institutions are watching our children drop like flies and their response is to commission do nothing committees to make sure lots of busy work is being done while no actual change is effected.

Please set aside a little bit of time tomorrow and participate in the 09.09.09 campaign.

Do it for Chandler and do it so that no more children have to struggle like Chandler.

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