February 21, 2005

Welcome Today Show Viewers

The Today Show has a link to us from their web site, so I would like to welcome new visitors who have found us this week.

I have a good deal of information that I needed to add to the site, and will go ahead and do that today so this site can be of good use to those looking for more firsthand information from ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) families.

Thanks for coming and I encourage you to write me with questions, leave comments, check back, or grab our RSS feed so that you can know when the site is updated.


Linda said...

So nice to meet you. I have just began my journey into the ASD world. Kyler was recently diagnosed as having PDD-NOS, but it is very high-functioning. I watch these shows about ASD and they show alot of low-functioning ASD kids. When I mention my son is PDD-NOS they look at me as if I gre to heads, because Kyler is very normal functioning. High intelligence, but very quirky and easily taken advantage of. I will link you to my blog if that's alright.

Ginger Taylor said...

You have hit on my biggest fear for my son. That there are plenty of people out there who are more than willing to take advantage of him. I would think that would be an even greater fear for moms of kids whose disability is not as obvious.

I am happy to meet you too.