February 25, 2005

Autism in the olden days

Interesting article on the ABC News web site about autistic children described in old stories.

Fairytales tell of autistic children
Leask says several stories describe children believed to have been stolen byfairies who then left behind a strange, sickly, "changeling" child."The description of changelings is very similar to those given to autistic children," she says. "Changelings were described as unresponsive, resistant to affection, did not express emotion, cried a lot or did not speak."

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ginger

I work at a Kindy and one of the parents has confided in me that her son was diagnosed - yesterday, she is beside herself and she shared the findings with me as the tears rolled down her face. I do not know enough to be a support for her and need some more information on how to help - he is 2 and a half years old. He is affected mainly in communication and social skills and looking at him you would say that he is a handsome little boy with a beautiful smile and that there is nothing wrong with him at all! We are both Christians and have made mention and thanked God for all the good things in his life - but I want to be able to offer more. Thanks for your information about your son , I am sure that this will help her too. Sue