June 6, 2018

I Should Have Warned More Families About Fetal Cell Line Use in Vaccines

I have done something very wrong for a very long time. 

When I learned that some vaccines were made from aborted fetal cells, and still contained those children's biological material, I was so upset that I shut it out of my mind and work and life.

I pretended in my heart to unknow what I knew, and not say it out loud so I would not have to know it is true.

And I didn't include it in many of the warnings to parents when I was offering them information to give them greater informed consent on vaccination.  People whose religion or world view may have precluded them from getting such shots.

I didn't even tell all my fellow Christians.

That was wrong.  And it was done out of fear.  Because I didn't want to deal with the horrid truth that I had administered these things to my children, and had administered them given to me. 

So here I repent.  I am sorry.  Everyone is due that information and I didn't give it to everyone. 

So I won't leave that out any more just because it is upsetting.  Because it is so upsetting.

If you were one of the parents I should have warned, I am sorry.

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