June 10, 2012

Rand Paul (sort of) Endorses Mitt Romney: Yawn

Not autism, but part of the political road toward getting our health rights back, so I will wade in with my .02...
My first thought: "Well that's crappy."
My second thought: "Who cares."
My third thought:  "Bet he got some good concessions for doing this before the convention."
Not a chance in my mind that Rand did not get something for the movement for his endorsement. If you can call it that. It was the weakest endorsement I have ever heard. "We both have big families"? He even said that his father was still his first pick!

So things that Rand may have gotten:

1. VP slot... but probably not
2. Dad as Sec. Treasury.
3. Committment to End/Audit the FED, however since Mittens is GoldmanSachs whipping boy....
4. Disarming and defanging the FDA... this is something that Mitt should care exactly jack squat about, and would be WELL worth the trade off.
5. Some sort of roll back on the TSA. Everyone has got to know at this point that what is going on in airports is just stupid, unsustainable and does not make anyone safer. Big happiness factor for the liberty movement, and little blow back for Mitness. Again... well worth the trade.

But certainly this gives Rand more power in the GOP.  Let's sit back and see how he uses it.

IMHO I think that this move by Paul the Younger does the following:

1. Jams the gate open to allow the Paul troops to march into the castle. We will see if the shenanigans at the state conventions continue. If they don't, then that may have been part of the deal.

The establishment has been escalating every weekend with what they are doing to fight the Paulers. Culminating in Louisiania where they sent to elected Paulites to the hospital via police abuse. They thought that the usual tricks would work, but the committed Paul camp is not putting up with the bullying and just walking through it (notice that since the Maine/Nevada weekend, and the two videos on the fake slates, that it has not happened since? That trick went away because it was published. Shutting the conventions down in OK and AZ didn't work, and now the police abuse in LA won't work anymore either.

The Ron Paul supporters can't be bullied and can't be bought.  The GOP establishment has to know they are kinda screwed at this point, because the usual is not working.  The guys walking around in the tri cornered hats kind of expect muskets to be pointed at them... they have called their movements "Tea Party" and "Liberty" and are constantly evoking images of the American Colonists who were martyred for freedom.  People who have "Give me liberty or give me death" plaques on their walls could give a crap that you are yelling at them or calling them names.  They already have videos of them calling cops to assault and drag GOP Elected party officials out of conventions for simply making motions, and then being replaced by another Paul supporter, who is then again assaulted and dragged out... and then replace by another... until they have to give up.  Have you seen the video from Louisiana?

The chairman of the convention fully acted like he could simply replace the elected officials, because he had the microphone and had hired off duty cops to haul anyone out who would challenge him!  This is not a banana republic!

So unless they are going to bring machine guns to the floor in Tampa and put them to the heads of  500+ delegates to be broadcast live on ABC News, the GOP old guard KNOW that they have to start dealing with Ron Paul supporters and making concessions/overtures to them.

So the GOP establishment HAS to now walk back the crap they have been pulling. They HAVE to make a deal with the Paul camp, and Rand is the vessel for that.

If we don't see them fighting the Paul delegates any more, then I think we can assume that starting to play nice with the Ron Paul supporters on the ground was part of what they had to give Rand to get him to say nice things about Mitt.  The establishment battle against us has to have stopped to get Rand's endorsement. If so, we get to walk into ALL of the lower level offices in the GOP that we have been elected to, with out a fight.  The next three months will be VERY telling.

2. Makes the Liberty movement legit to people in the GOP who have not thought openly about Paul or his supporters before now. Watch the interview.  Hannity is bending over backward to make Romney sound appealing to Paul's audience. Paul is in the power position in this interview.

3. Preserves the entire Liberty movement!

I can understand why people are upset about this from a purity point of view... but when you think about it critically... why be upset??  NOT ONE PERSON IN THE LIBERTY MOVEMENT WILL GIVE A CRAP ABOUT THIS ENDORSEMENT! Not one Paul follower is going to hear that and go... "You know what? Romney is a better choice. GO MITTENS!"

But the crazy thing is, RomneyCo... because they are so stuck in the old political game where candidates drop out and endorse whomever will give them the most whatever in return... actually think that this will get them something!  Paul supporters are nothing like Gingrich supporters.  When someone points and says, "go over there." We reply, "Why?"  And if they don't have a good answer, we don't.  RomneyCo likely made a deal thinking this would get him Paul's supporters or delegates.  It won't. This makes me laugh like a mad scientist.

Ron Paul looses exactly nothing. Everyone is still going to Tampa to do what we set out to do. The ONLY consequences of this is that the purists will be pissed at Rand. But why? Who cares about this "endorsement?"  Rand is not running for anything, and he has no delegates.  Will he be the Liberty candidate in four years?  Who knows?  He has four years to prove whether or not he is worthy of their support, or if there will be a better candidate by then.

I think that Paulers need not become upset about this. It only matters to the establishment... not us. I could not care jack about what Rand does politically.  As long as he continues to work to roll back the FDA abuses, I will know he is fighting for us where it counts.

Ron is the purist, Rand is the player, and they both have good on their actions and policy. This is not religion, it is politics.  Let him endorse Romney all he wants.  I'm not gonna.  (And best case scenario, if Mitt is elected, perhaps Rand can have some role in actually holding him accountable to some of the things he said on the campaign trail, that were the opposite of the other things that he said on the campaign trail, but that were the right things, even though while he was Governor he did some of the wrong things.  Trying to decode Mitt Romney gives me a headache.)

And if I am wrong about all this, and Rand is actually not a Liberty guy, but just wants to snuggle with big money Republicans, then we will know that in 4 years, and we will have a better choice by then.

This summer promises to be an interesting one, in so many ways.  But make no mistake, those who want freedom and honest government are winning.  This may seem like a setback, but look deeper and think about the long game, it is just the next stage of a fight that we are winning.

In case you were wondering what I was thinking about all this...  ;)


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