April 7, 2011

The First Amendment is Good

Attempts at stifling free discussion are bad.


sharon Morris said...

Mmmm then I wonder why you have previously deleted comments I made on this blog? They were sincere and respectful, but did contradict a point you made about the vaccine court. It was up, then it was gone. Mmmmm. I think what you mean to say is free discussion as long as I agree with it is good.

Ginger Taylor said...

Sharon, I almost never delete comments.

The only ones I have deleted were VERY obnoxious or Viagra focused. And usually I warn people when I do or post a "comment deleted because..." note.

Where did you post them? And when?

I usually keep copies of all the comments so I can check back.

Feel free to comment at your leisure.

Ginger Taylor said...

FYI.. my comments policy is basically no "you're a jerk" comments, you have to make a point. And you can't act in bad faith. If it is clear that someone is just coming to be a pain in the ass, then I ask them to move along to a place where they have time for that crap. Otherwise, they stay. Feel free to browse comments to see how bad people can actually behave and still not get deleted.

There was something at the beginning of the week. Which reminds me I never went back to finish that conversation.

Thanks for visiting from down unda.

sharon Morris said...

Wish I could remember precisely Ginger. It would be around 3 months ago. And was in relation to Hannah Poling? I think? Sorry I cant be more clear. A lots happened in those months.

Ginger Taylor said...


The only comment from you that I can find is one on this post http://adventuresinautism.blogspot.com/2008/03/julie-gerberding-admits-on-cnn-that.html put up in January. That was a post on Hannah Poling.

It is almost identical to your complaint here... that I removed comments of yours.

So did you really ever comment here, or is this just your shsitk? Popping in to complain about something that I have not actually done?

If you are going to accuse me of this at that point, I am going to ask for a little proof it actually happened. Cause I am feelin' like you might not be being super honest here.

Or perhaps you just tried to post something and it never went through? Didn't fill out all the info to get it submitted?

MySocratesNote said...

I wonder if she is confusing you with Age of Autism?

I had the same thing happen to me a few months ago. Someone said I censored comments on my blog (I don't...I only blocked 2 people), and then in the next sentence claimed that I was an editor for AoA. It was a bit strange

Ginger Taylor said...

Maybe... I just had someone today post a comment and then call me Mark, and then post another and say sorry, that they thought they were talking to Mark Blaxill.

I look nothing like Mark Blaxill. He has way shorter hair.

And one of the two guys you block... I even let him post here. He posts something obnoxious and false, I ask him to state for the record that he is not being paid by vaccine interests, and he never answers.