January 12, 2011

Andrew Wakefield Answers His Accusers

... and proves that he has dual citizenship.

He has the manners of an Englishman and the balls of an American.



MySocratesNote said...

That was a good interview. And it was also what keyed me in on some of the dishonesty concerning Dr. Wakefield's alleged "fraud."

Dr. Wakefield mentioned that his TF was to be used as an alternative vaccine in immuno-compromised people and as a treatment for IBD. Not as a rival vaccine. When you look through the patent (chuckling at Deer's cherry-picjed quotes), you'll notice that it says EXACTLY that.

AJ said...

I keep waiting for Wakefield to specifically refute the issues raised in the BMJ articles.

I'm waiting for his defense of the differences between the discharge summary of child 11 and a parents recollection as to the first signs of problems, a month before MMR compared to the 1998 paper which put it after MMR vaccination.

There were only 12 children in the study. Did Wakefield not review the hospital records of the children? Did Wakefield mistake what the father said about the timing?

Please, everyone wants specifics.

Ginger Taylor said...

But Sheldon, you yourself have declared Wakefield to be a dishonest man, so whatever he says will just be another lie, right? And Deer's testimony is above reproach, yes?

So I am not sure why you are waiting for details from him.

Sheldon, are you funded for your online vaccine/autism activities by any one?