January 7, 2010

Down With the Bullies in Britain

Polly Tommy sees no reason to bow to the threats being made by the establishment that she not only ignore Andrew Wakefield as a source of help for our children, but that she throw him under the bus along with the rest of the cowards that are carrying the establishments' handbags to save their place at the table. She has called out the bullies and the cowards who are bending to the bullies over at Age of Autism.

They even threatened to shut her magazine down. Now how can they do that if the free market wants to buy it because they know that the Editor in Chief has bigger balls than most UK docs and better ethics than all of the UK medical establishment,and will print pieces that are in the best interests of children and not in the best interests of her getting invited to cocktail parties?

Hats off to the British jack asses who are making medical decisions and giving struggling families advice based on political pressure. I am sure that is exactly what inspired them to go to med school in the first place. "If only I can become a doctor who is wise and brave enough to stand for the health and safety of the vulnerable and voiceless no matter what turn my back on suffering children in chronic pain and get my nose as far up the posteriors of the ambitious, profiteering, elitist power brokers as I can in order to become a more prominent cog in the corrupt system, then I will die knowing that I have fulfilled my destiny in this world".

I already have my subscription to Autism File Magazine, do you? Maybe next week I will get a second.

And start buying from the advertisers that stand by Polly. Write them and let them know that you support their support of Polly.

And to highlight the travesty that is going on against our kids in the UK, I am reposting "Selective Hearing". If you have not seen it, watch it. And thank God your child got sick in the US and not 'over there'.

What the hell has happened to Churchill's England?

Selective Hearing, Brian Deer and the GMC

Down with Bullies.


Anonymous said...

Cheers to you Ginger, the Paul Revere of Autism!

K Fuller said...

I do subscribe!

Minority said...

Can't really afford it, but I sent in a subscription.

Curt Linderman Sr said...

I work with Polly. My wife handles the back issues and we are the ones to talk to about advertising in the USA edition. My name is Curt Linderman & I'm the North American Advertising Director for the Autism File. Thank you for supporting this wonderful magazine and this awesome woman. She is one of my heroes! If you know of someeone who would like to advertise in the Autism File, have them contact me at: curt@autismfile.com (I also write for them and am the one that hits all of the major autism conferences in N.America)
support us with your subscriptions too! Thanks again! Love the website!