August 4, 2009

Maine Bunk Beds: Eco-Friendly, Organic Paints, Sustainable Wood Kid's Furniture

Putting a plug in for Captain Husband, Scott Taylor.

Scott is launching a new company called Maine Bunk Beds. They will be a children's furniture company making solid wood beds, made from sustainable Maine wood, organic milk paint and zero VOC finishes. Eco friendly and safe for our chemically -sensitive kids.

Right now he only had delivery for Northern New England, but if you are else where and are dying for a healthy bed for your child, I am sure he will try to figure something out.


Lee said...

Very nice :-) My son was on my lap while I crawled through my Google Reader list, and he was Very Impressed.

Now he wants a bunk bed! (No he doesn't need one, he has a new bed which is just fine. But he liked the look of the bunks!)

Kim Rossi Stagliano said...