July 10, 2009

H1N1 Flu: Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes on the 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine Push

The Federal Government has begun the push of the swine flu vaccine, even before the vaccine has been completed.

It is more than a bit disconcerting to hear that the government is recommending a vaccine, and has decided to administer it in schools, before it has even been completed much less tested. The mantra of CDC on vaccines has always been, "the benefits outweigh the risks". Yet we have no vaccine or test upon which to base a risk/benefit analysis. This for a virus that appears to be less dangerous than the seasonal flu.

In 1976 CDC decided to launch a similar campaign. It was a disaster. Swine flu never came to fruition, and 4,000 people were permanently injured or killed by the shot.

In 1979, 60 Minutes did a story on the damage. It aired only once, but resurfaced last month on the internet.

It is obvious why it only aired once.

It is REMARKABLE how closely this story parallels our own. 30 years later, the CDC seems to have learned nothing about anticipating and dealing properly with vaccine injury. You could have taken these exact same quotes out of this story and put them in an autism story.

So did this exchange happen in 1979 or in 2009?:

Interviewer: "Why does this report from your own agency list neurological complications as a possibility?"

Director of CDC: "I think the consensus of the scientific community was that the evidence relating neurologic disorders to immunizations was such that they did not feel that this association was a real one."

The ads encouraging my parents to get the swine flu shot back then were not PSA's that took seriously their right to informed consent and educated them on the risks and benifits of getting the vaccine, they were PR pieces (including scare tactics, "...but Dotty had a heart condition and she died") put together by Madison Avenue.

Not only has HHS not learned to treat the public respectfully and be straight with them on this vaccine, they have lowered the bar on their PR push... all the way. This advertising push will be brought to you not by reasoned physicians upholding their ethical obligations by offering a comprehensive overview of risks and benifits, it will not even be brought to you by the professional ad men who sell you cars and beer, it will be brought to you by you:

Create a Flu Video & Be Eligible to Win $2500

So now you can not only be entertained by Fred Figglehorn, you can also get your medical advice from him.

HHS gets around these sticky ethical delemma's of being honest with the public and not trading on emotions or fears, by letting the public scare and cajole themselves into getting the shot.

As much as CDC claims that it wants to gain back credibility on vaccine issues, moves like this say different.


Mylinda said...

I really enjoyed this post. It is kind of creepy that we have to be so watchful. If we are not though look what happens. Thanks for your viewpoint.
Mylinda Elliott

K Fuller said...

Do you know how they tested the pig vaccine back in 1976 and for how long before they started using it? I have looked for the info but cant find any information.

G said...

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