April 15, 2009

David Tayloe and AAP Lawyers Take Umbridge At Jay Gordon's April Fools Satire

You have GOT to read this post on Hoyden About Town:

AAP & formula funding April Fool

As an April Fools Day satire, Dr. Jay Gordon, under his own name, put up a fake letter from David Tayloe The Unethical, head of the AAP, on a lactation message board apologizing for the AAP's sleazy ties to baby formula companies.

Everyone knew it was a joke and got the joke. It was a really good satire.

But AAP's lawyers are now crying defamation.

There seems to be no limits to Tayloe's myopic and inane endeavors.

I reiterate my call for all wise pediatricians to rise up and take back their profession. THROW THE BUM OUT!


K Fuller said...

Can't take a joke? They can't handle Autism either.


I think this is spectacularly hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious hehe.
Thanks for a great post and blog I hope you dont mind me adding you to my links over at A boy with Aspergers.http://aspergersinfo.wordpress.com