October 21, 2008

Cindy McCain Discusses Autism on Fox News

Ok... so I said about ten minutes ago that I would be likely endorsing McCain, and this pretty much sews that up. At this point the McCain campaign can't seem to stop talking about autism.

There is a wise biblical proverb that says, "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks". Never has a political campaign talked so much (or even at all) about autism. And when Obama and Clinton have talked about it, it is because John McCain brought it up.

And keep in mind that Cindy holds a Masters in Special Ed.

FYI: Sarah Palin's sister, who has an autistic son, will be on Autism One Radio tomorrow.


Contact said...

I am not really sure McCain "brought it up" and all of the above will say anything to pander to as many groups as possible. Maybe, I'm wrong, but I think Obama is the only one who has talked about fully funding the Combating Autism Act and appointing an Autism Czar.

With that said, I am done with anyone who has an R or D behind their name. I am done with the two party sham.

Ginger Taylor said...

I hear you on your disgust with the R and the D. It is a mess.

My problem with Obama too is that I see and "Autism Czar" as just doing the wrong things that they are doing now, except more aggressively and spending more money uselessly.

The federal government has not done one single thing that has improved the quality of my son's life.

CAA/CDC/HHS... how many millions spent, a billion yet? But there is no impact.

The things that have helped Chandler are biomedical interventions that the government won't study or endorse, state support programs and education via the local school system.

So if this "Autism Czar" is just going to pour more cash into the genetic research that has turned up jack to help my son after several decades and millions spent, then who cares?

McCain is not afraid of the vaccine connection, and the fear of the vaccine connection is the thing that is holding progress for our kids at bay. Not just in vaccine research, but in ALL environmental research. Because if another OTHER environmental exposures are implicated, or any interventions that successfully treat autism via treating environmental exposures come to light, vaccines fall right along with them.

Obama has said that he is not even for selective vaccination. That is not the talk of a man who is open to the environmental causes of autism.

And the LAST thing we need is a LARGER federal autism bureaucracy to waste our time and money if they are not going to take environmental triggers, including and predominantly vaccination, seriously.

Beleive me... I have little hope in the federal government of either party. I just seen that McCain is the only one listening to parents like me and taking us seriously. And of all the people who ran for President, both R and D, he was pretty much the only one listening.

Contact said...

McCain backpeddled on the vaccine link. I have a hard time knowing what the heck he really thinks on any given day since he seems to be full steam in the "say and do anything to get elected mode."

I agree, the government is not going to save the day and will probably create more problems than they solve for our kids.

I am voting Bob Barr. I cannot stomach voting D or R anytime soon.

Laura K. said...

no one else bothered by Cindy calling autism a DISEASE?!

hopefaithbelieve said...

I completely agree with you. The most important issue to me is autism. Never before has any campaign spoken more about it!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but McCain is all hat and no cattle, as we say in Texas.

Sure, he's doing a lot of talking about autism. But the plain truth is that his proposed spending freeze on all federal spending would stop any and all research on autism... as Senator Obama quite rightly brought up when McCain started talking about Autism at the third debate. To say nothing of the fact that McCain's proposed overhaul of the insurnance industry would increase taxes and lower benefits on families who don't get enough support as is.

I wish you and Chandler well, but I doubt I'll be coming back here for news in the future.

Tammy said...

I appreciate your blog -- I think you do a great job of keeping us updated on autism-related news. I've never commented before, but wanted to let you know -- thank you!! :)

K Fuller said...

I don't mind that Mrs. McCain used the word disease in her interview.
Alcoholism is considered a disease.
Autism doesn't just bring neurological and cognitive difficulties there is diarrhea, constipation, vomiting,ear and sinus infections, asthma, allergies, skin rashes, this feels like disease to my affected son.
With all that is happening in our country we have to stay positive and proactive so that our children are not forgotten. We can't trust that any elected person from any political party is going to put out child first. It is way easier to say the word Autism than it is to experience it.
The fact that Mrs. McCain spoke about it made sure that more people heard about it.

GFCF Mommy said...

I was curious what "two pieces of equipment used to diagnose autism" she was talking about? Does anyone know?


James Reed said...

Until a candidate backs full bore research on bio-medical interventions for autistic children and making vaccines optional instead of mandatory then whatever they say is meaningless as far as this issue is concerned.

Wolverinemama said...

I've just got to say I think it is (almost) humorous that some of your readers are threatening to stop reading your blog because you happen to back McCain. It's like a little kid saying they don't want to "play" with you anymore.

If the topic of this blog wasn't such a serious one, I'd laugh. But since we're talking about a devestating condition effecting so many precious children, I'll just shake my head.

Just keep on doin' your thing, Ginger. This blog is appreciated and valued regardless of who you happen to support next month.

Wolverinemama said...

I've got to say I find it at best (almost)humorous that some of your readers are threatening not to come back to your blog because you happen to back McCain. It's like a little kid getting mad and saying they "aren't gonna play with you" anymore.

Just keep doin' what you're doin' Ginger. This blog is a treasure trove of insight and information.

Wolverinemama said...

OOPS! Sorry for the *almost* double post! Google logged me out and I thought my original post was deleted!

Anonymous said...


All due respect, I'm afraid that voting on our #1 issue alone isn't enough. Of the two candidates, yes it appears the McCain/Palin ticket do seem to be on our side of the court more times than not. But we also need the country to be on solid ground before any of the actions they may want to take can even begin.

In fact, besides mentioning the issues, has McCain/Palin even given an idea of what they would do for this? Have they said they would give money for an independent review of all vaccines? Have they said they would make insurance companies cover aspects of helping autistic children?

I'm hearing a lot of "We recognize the burden on the parents of children of special needs." But what we're not hearing is what they would do about it.

Food for thought.