June 11, 2008

Gardasil Turns an Active 13 Year Old Into A Quadriplegic

Another blog sprung from a tragic vaccine injury that didn't have to be:

Jenny's Journey

Jenny is a 14 year old with a rapidly progressing paralysis. We are looking for other people like her in an effort to find treatment....

Unusually Rapid decline from apparent lower motor neuron disease in a 14 year ild girl (Inset followed HPV vaccine in March 2007). Jenny is now Quadriplegic-- and in danger of further decline.

For access to detailed medical records, please request access code from JenTet.com Administrator ý[admin@jentet.com]ý and correspondence on diagnostic and treatment ideas to tetlock@haas.berkeley.edu

Many world-class MDs have been consulted and many treatments tried

Immunoglobulin, prednisone (oral and pulse), plasma pheresis, and Cytoxan, have been tried based on the assumption of an autoimmune process, with no apparent effect.

A mitochondrial cocktail has been tried based on the assumption of a mitochondrial disorder.

Lithium and Rilutek have been tried based on the assumption of a neurodegenerative disease.

Jenny may have had certain pre-existing autoimmune and/or genetic vulnerabilities that rendered her susceptible to a catastrophic reaction to the HPV vaccine. These include an autoimmune skin disease (pityriasis lichenoides), a maternal grandmother who died of progressive supranuclear policy, and a maternal cousin with severe autism/seizures. Jenny also has only a single copy of the SMN-2 gene (but otherwise does not satisfy the preconditions for SMA).

Any DAN docs out there with any ideas for Jenny?


Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to Jenny and her family. What a tragically horrific example of the dangers of this vaccine. When is this crap going to stop?!?

Ginger, can I put this post up on my site? I am sickened by this story and want to help spread the message. Let me know!

Kyle said...

HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen treatment) has been used with some success in several neuroinflammatory disorders (including autism - helped my son) with some success. They don't mention if they tried it but it could be helpful. I emailed the address on the page for the International Hyperbaric Association site. They can direct them to more info and sites that do it.
Kyle (DAN doc)

Cyndi said...

This makes me ill...I hope they find a treatment soon.