June 5, 2007

NAA and the Wrights

Yesterday the National Autism Association openly challenged Bob and Suzanne Wright to account for their statement about Katie.

Today NAA sent out a notice of their conference in the fall.

Suzanne Wright is listed as one of the speakers.

I am guessing that things are not as chilly between Bob and Suzanne and the environmental/biomed camp as they seem to be on the surface.

There is not a chance that Suzanne would walk into a room full of NAA members and extol the virtues of genetic research over environmental. What would be the point?

Either way, my hat is off to the woman. She is going to be pelted with questions about what is going on at Autism Speaks. I really respect her for coming.

I will be at this conference if only to hear from Suzanne Wright.


Anonymous said...

Hold on, I thought KATIE was one of the keynote speakers... not Suzanne. Where did you see that?


Ginger Taylor said...

She is. But check the bottom of the list.

Suzanne is apparently going to speak on a grandparent panel of some kind.