April 24, 2007

Jonathan's Law

It was a surprise to me that parents anywhere could not have access to their children's records for anything... much less a residential treatment facility.

Jonathan's Law Goes To Gov. Spitzer for Signature

Tell Governor Spitzer to Sign Jonathan's Law
Protect Your Kids; Get Access to Their Records

Jonathan's Law – A. 6846–A/S. 3105

In February 13-year-old Jonathan Carey tragically died while in a residential care facility. Jonathan's parents had been fighting for years to obtain his records when the tragedy occurred. They are now campaigning to make important records available to parents so that they may better know the care being provided to their children. While most direct care workers are caring and responsible – and work under difficult circumstances – a parent needs to know what is happening to their developmentally disabled child.

The New York State Legislature passed Jonathan's law on Monday, April 23, 2007 and sent the bill to Governor Spitzer for his signature. Support for Jonathan's Law was led by Assembly Member Harvey Weisenberg, longtime advocate for the developmentally disabled.

Tell Governor Spitzer to sign Jonathan's Law.

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For a news account of Jonathan's law http://www.examiner.com/a-681399~Senate_approves__Jonathan_s_Law__to_protect_disabled.html.

To read the text of Jonathan's Law, A. 6846-A/S. 3105 Click HERE.

Protect Our Children
Urge the Legislature and Gov. Spitzer to Enact Jonathan's Law.

Thanks for fighting for the rights of developmentally disabled children and their families.

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Thank you for posting the link to the full text of Jonathan's Law. I've linked to it and to your post on my blog, here.