February 4, 2007

A-CHAMP needs You

A-CHAMP needs YOU!!!

Passion and Drive alone will not get the work done!

A-CHAMP is a national, non-partisan political action committee formed by parents in support of children with neurodevelopmental and communication disorders. We are dedicated to advancing public policy issues affecting our children, protecting their human and civil rights, educating the public and media, supporting candidates sharing our goals in state and federal elections, and holding accountable those in government who do not act in the best interest of our children.

In our short history, we have successfully:

• Initiated and coordinated state legislative efforts aimed at banning thimerosal from vaccines, achieving success in California, Delaware, Iowa, Missouri, New York and Washington

• Took the lead and forged a collaboration with 50 organizations leading to the passage of an autism insurance reform law that stops discrimination against treatment for autism spectrum disorder. Effective 1/1/07

• Contributed significant background documentation to the Columbia Journalism Review that resulted in an impressive critique of the NY Times and other media coverage regarding the thimerosal/autism controversy.

• Provided information for Robert Kennedy, Jr., contributing to his article “Deadly Immunity” which appeared in Rolling Stone and Salon.com. and Huffington Post op-eds.

• Coordinated The Power of Parents Rally in Washington, DC, October, 2005, gaining support from over 70 other organizations.

• Coordinated The Mercury Generation March and Lobbying Day in Washington, DC in coordination with the DAN! Conference in April, 2006

...and much more.

NOW for us to take on the tough issues for the years to come, we need your help. Our plan includes:

• Acceptance of the biomedical treatments our children need
• Insurance reform to pay for those treatments (state and federal)
• Legislation aimed at respite services and supportive home care
• Environmental research that focuses on vaccines
• Safer mercury-free vaccines and drugs
• Obtaining access to the Vaccine Safety Datalink
• Access to justice and reform of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

How can you help? We need donations to keep working for the children. Whether the donation is for $5 or $5,000, any donation is appreciated.

We have established a donations page on our website through Pay Pal, available at http://www.a-champ.org/donate.html .
If you would prefer to send a check to help continue the work of A-CHAMP, please make check payable to "A-CHAMP" mail it to:
c/o R. Krakow
2001 Marcus Avenue
Suite N125
Lake Success
New York 11042.

Your donations are appreciated will make a difference no matter how much or how little you contribute.


A-Champ is a 501 (c)4 Political Action Organization, all donations are not tax deductible.

On behalf of all of kids thank you!

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