October 27, 2006

Bond Set for Evil T-ball Coach

Bond set for T-ball coach who hired player to hit teammate

Friday, October 27, 2006

A Fayette County Common Pleas judge yesterday set bail for a T-ball coach who hired an 8-year-old to hurl baseballs at an autistic teammate.

If former coach Mark R. Downs Jr. posts bail, he will be freed from jail pending an appeal of his conviction.

Judge Ralph C. Warman yesterday set bail at $30,000.

The judge also ordered Mr. Downs, who had requested the bail hearing, to comply with normal conditions of his bond, including restrictions on traveling outside the state without permission of the court.

Mr. Downs, 29, of Dunbar, was convicted last month for offering his star pitcher $25 to hurl two baseballs at Harry Bowers Jr., 11, an autistic and mildly retarded teammate. Witnesses had testified that Mr. Downs was only concerned about winning a playoff game and that he believed that Harry was a liability.

Mr. Downs was convicted of conspiracy to commit simple assault and corruption of minors. He was sentenced to one to six years in prison for ordering the assault. Following the sentencing hearing Oct. 12, Judge Warman had revoked Mr. Downs' bond, which had allowed him to remain free during the trial.

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