June 4, 2006

Tonight: Dateline NBC Autism Recovery

From Unlocking Autism:

Dateline NBC Autism Recovery

WHEN: Sunday evening, June 4th 2006 (9PM EST),

Dateline NBC has a 12 minute segment featuring Baxter Berle and Joshua Shoemaker, two children on the road to recovery from autism. The segment also includes information about the treatment research of Dr. James Adams.

Dr. Jim Adams told people at the Autism One conference he saw the piece and thinks it is fair.

This past year Dateline NBC reviewed SCNM's chelation research study with autistic children, conducted exclusively by the Southwest College Research Institute at SCNM. It has been confirmed that the piece will air on Dateline NBC on the evening of June 4th. Please check your local listings for the correct time.


Anonymous said...


IF you missed it you can first read it here


There is a link to the video of the show on the right side of the screen.

However, if that link will not work, open the following link in your windows media player:


Best regards

Undercover Dancer

Anonymous said...

recovery from autism? thats weird. From what I understand it's a life-long disability. I think people get confused because pediatric doctors say to get get intervention early, they never say cure though.

Stacy said...

anonymous #2, its not weird at all, check out my blog, and check out http://www.generationrescue.org/testimonials.php

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog today from a blurb in the "Blogosphere Best of Blogs..." book. I haven't read much, but I have recently been diagnosed as gluten-intolerant. And I've heard from a lot of different sources that going on a gluten-free diet for children, can help improve symptoms of autism. You may have already posted about this, or heard about it, but I just thought I would mention it. I look forward to reading more, this is a great site.

Anonymous said...

FYI...MSNBC has been running a promo for an autism discussion today at 3pm with Dierdre Imus.

Anonymous said...

autism is caused by radiation

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just read you coments on this blog,and wanted to know if I may E-mail you about my 5 year old grandson with Autism. I'm os glad I foudn this site,a nd beena ble to forward some of this information, comments and testomonies to my daughter.
Let us stand together and work to get more understanding of this ugly illness.

Thank you so much !
Susie Soto/Tampa Florida