February 13, 2006

Ban Mercury in Colorado

From The Autism Society of Boulder, Colorado:

ASBC Legislative Alert - In 1999 the American Academy of Pediatrics advised governmental agencies to work expeditiously to remove mercury from vaccines. Seven years on, the influenza vaccine contains mercury in amounts above federal safety guidelines, while influenza vaccine meeting governmental guidelines exist in surplus. In 2003 a three year investigation of mercury in vaccines concluded that it was hazardous and recommended research into mercury as a contributing factor for neurodevelopmental disorders such as Autism, ADD/ADHD, Speech Delay, Alzheimer’s and Gulf War Syndrome be conducted. Recommended research remains incomplete. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced three weeks
ago the continuing investigation into mercury in vaccines and autism.

Expectant mothers and young children deserve to be vaccinated with only the safest vaccines available. Senate Bill 06-099 puts safety above expense and eliminates mercury, a known and well documented neurotoxin, from vaccines given to our most vulnerable population. Give Colorado’s immunization program a shot in the arm. Contact the Senate Health & Human Services Committee in support of SB 06-99. (Sample Letter & Contact Info Below)

SB 06-99 goes to committee on Wednesday, February 15th, Room 352. Testimony is invited and children welcome. Those willing to testify should be brief (2 minutes), must arrive at the capital at 9 am and be prepared to stay until around lunch time. If you can’t come to the capital to show your support, please make your concerns known! Use the sample letter below to contact committee members.

Click Mercury FAQs/Facts to learn more about mercury in vaccines. Act now to remove this neurotoxin from our vaccines.

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