January 30, 2006

So Cal Families Wanted

From Jennifer McNulty:

Hi Friends,

Wanted: Families in the Southern California area who would be interested in being featured in a brochure being designed to benefit Autism Research Institute and DAN! Defeat Autism Now!

The purpose is to raise awareness that many children are significantly improving and even recovering as a result of biomedical interventions.

Why are we doing this? My husband Dan and I have a eight year old son, Kyle, with a diagnosis of autism who has benefitted greatly from DAN! Defeat Autism Now, and we want to give back our time to this wonderful organization, and the doctors who are such brave individuals. We own a graphic design firm, and in behalf of ARI, won a grant from a paper company to print this brochure.

The photography will be done by an award-winning photographer, Marcelo Coehlo, and the families stories will be outlined in the brochure by a very talented writer, Richard Huvard. We are hoping to initiate photography the week of February 6 -10th. We are working in close collaboration and approval from Dr. Bernie Rimland and ARI, and the piece will also feature several of the doctors, and researchers who have played key roles in furthering treatment for our kids.

If you feel your child has greatly improved, or has even recovered from autism due to biomedical interventions pioneered by DAN!, and you would be willing to share your story, and have your child featured, PLEASE email me at the address below.

As, well, we are also looking to feature a few children of families with newly diagnosed children, who are just starting their journey into searching for answers for their kids. Please also contact me if you would be interested in having your child photographed, and sharing your experiences.

I know how very busy everyone is, we would try to only take a couple hours of your time. If you know of a family who may be interested, please forward this email to them.

Email: jennim@mcnultyco.com
Please leave your contact phone numbers, and let me know the best time to reach you.

Jennifer McNulty

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