August 9, 2005

Ladies and Gentilemen, Meet David Taylor

... no relation.

David has said more about the thimerosal/autism debate in his second post than my blog has in a year.

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The Last Ephor said...

Hi. Saw two intersting articles on Autism/thimerisol this week:


The second one is not going to make you happy.

Ginger Taylor said...

Duffy my good man, if my happiness depended on what those in the media thought of the mercury/autism theory, my life would be a dark one indeed.

I had read the slate article and once i got to this statement:

Considering that about 9,000 lawsuits of claims have been filed against thimerosal and have the potential to wreck the pharmaceutical industry, the debate has high stakes.

...I pretty much zoned out. The debate is high stakes because it could wreck an industry? hmmmm... Not really sure of what this guys value system is based on.

Do I need to point out again that the IOM said themselves that large epidemological studies would not give evidence of the problem if it only existed in a genitically vulnerable subset, and then went onto to rely on them any way?

What I did find upsetting was a link from that post to another one by a pediatrician. It read in part:

...But neither thimerosal nor ethyl mercury, the compound into which the body breaks it down, cross the blood-brain barrier and enter the nervous system. Both are eliminated from the body quite rapidly and do not accumulate between vaccine doses. In the tiny amounts formerly associated with vaccines, there is no sign that either is toxic.

This thing seems to be pack with untruths from top to bottom.

The Last Ephor said...

Well, I think he has a certain amount of pragmatism. If the 9,000 lawsuits go forward they could indeed destroy companies and individual industries. The threshold for finding a company or person civilly liable is much lower than criminal liability and juries tend to give very large awards to suffering children. Look at the awards given to the "victims" of Big Tobacco. That was a product that people KNEW for ages was harmful.

If the Big Pharm go under here in the US, we would be in very dire straits indeed. They are already shying away from making flu vaccines due to liability costs.

The problem I am having is knowing who to rely on for information. The author of the Salon article sounded authoritative and cites some reputable sources. He cast dispersions on the Geiers research, again, with foundations. Others support the Geiers wholeheartedly. I find myself at a loss.

One question: before you started chelation, did you do the hair toxicity test?

Ginger Taylor said...


Can you email me directly?


Ginger Taylor said...

I made this point somewhere else, but I don't remember where.

If the Government wouldn't let the airline industry go down, there is no way that it will let Pharma fail.

And I totally understand the "who do you believe" feeling.

I will answer the rest of your comments in it's own post as I think it deserves to be highlighted.

Also, send me your email and I will give you a call. I can answer your questions more quickly that way.