June 21, 2005

What I Think

Last week I posted an article in which Robert F. Kennedy Jr. asserts that Center for Disease Control found a link between mercury containing vaccines and autism and attempted to cover it up.

I have spent the last week looking further into it, reading meeting transcripts and work papers, going over the 4 versions of the study in question that were generated between 1999 and 2003 before it was finally published, noting the changes they made to it along the way, looking at emails between the researchers and finally a letter that the main author published defending accusations made against him. After all this, I have found that there is more than enough evidence to assert that Tom Verstraten et al. found a link and then spent 4 years trying to 'unfind' it and I believe should be investigated by congress.

I am currently preparing a more detailed account of this and will post it soon.

In the mean time I have beginning to get lots of questions. Questions like:
  • Do you know if Chandler's autism was caused by vaccines or that the mercury poisoning he has came from vaccines?
  • If it was are you going to sue?
  • If it wasn't, and they are taking mercury out of vaccines, then why does this matter?
  • I thought it was illegal in California to have mercury in vaccines?
  • Are you anti-vaccine and should I worry about getting my kids vaccinated?

I decided to answer all these in a series.

Stay Tuned.

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