June 3, 2005

Still Looking for the Autistic Amish

Dan Olmsted has published several more installments on his search for the atistic amish that "should be there", but since it has been more of the same I have not posted it. The articles are all some version of: Dan hears of someone who treats/knows of autistic amish, Dan goes finds said person, person doesn't know any autistic amish and says, "wow, that is strange. I mean there must be autistic amish people, right", Dan keeps looking.

He did find:
A pediatrician and geneticist in Virginia told me he was treating six Amish children with autism, none vaccinated. Four of the six had high levels of mercury that he believes came from coal-fired power plants, which emit mercury as a byproduct. He suspects that caused their autism.

This brings the grand total of autistic amish he has found to 10 cases in 4 different states.

In his article today, he tells us about a man who has contacted him and offered to help him in his search.
Dick Warner lives in Cochranton, Pa., but his business -- water purification and natural health -- takes him into Amish households around the nation.

He apparently has met thousands of amish and has been adopted into their community. He has offered to introduce Dan to the elders around the country in the hopes of furthering his research.

I will keep you posted on his search.

Here are the last several articles so you can read the details:

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