May 16, 2005

My Hiaku

My house is a mess
Chandler tears apart paper
I stare into space

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CritterCrossings said...

When Jake and Madi were two (they're twins) we sought help from a family therapist to found out what was wrong... after visiting our home, interviewing us, and observing the twins she came back with "(directed to me) If you don't lighten up you will destroy this family." I paid $250 to hear that I WAS WRONG! After a year of transition (my old nickname was "Monica" (from Friends) from my anal tendencies we now have a messy house and happy kids. My husband, of course, is wondering if I could come back in the other direction " just a little", but we're doing fine, dirt and all! FYI- the twins were both diagnosed with ASDs at 5 1/2.