September 12, 2012

What Every Republican Needs to Know About What Happened in Tampa

Two weeks ago, I went to Tampa as a member of the Maine Delegation to the GOP Convention.  As many of you who follow me on FB know, our delegation was unseated, and replaced with a group hand chosen, not by Mainers, but by the RNC.  We did not understand the full extent of what was happening to us, and why this clear violation of the rules was taking place, until the Friday afternoon before the start of the convention, when the new Rules of the Republican Party were unveiled and shoved down the throats of the delegates.

This was not about Maine, this was about the #RNCPowerGrab.  What happened to Maine this year was what the RNC will now do to every state in the coming elections.  Candidates will pick delegates, instead of delegates picking candidates.

I have not written about it, because frankly there is so much to write about, and sorting through it all... well how to do it?

Fortunately one of my new friends, Christopher Haley from Texas, did a better job than I would have done, in a speech to his fellow Texans back home.  So I will share it with you here.

This speech is more important than any speech given at the convention, and every member of the GOP should hear it and understand what has happened to their party.

My eternal love, gratitude and respect for our Liberty Brothers in Texas.

Me and my Texas friends, Justin Machacek and Christopher Haley


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