August 11, 2008

Monsanto Ditching Bovine Growth Hormone Business

So apparently Americans have decided that they prefer their milk with out puss.

They were not buying BGH milk so Monsanto is moving on.

And why were they not buying it?  Because dairys who didn't use it started labeling their product as Non BGH milk, educating the consumer that it was out there.

And who was the first dairy to do this and to have to face down Monsanto's lawyers for it?  OAKHURST DAIRY OF PORTLAND, MAINE!

Our little Maine milk makers started labeling their milk, "Our Farmers' Pledge: No Artificial Growth Hormones Used."  Monsanto did not like that because it implied that there was something bad about BGH milk.  Oakhurst decided that they had a duty to consumers and kept the labeling, and because they stared down the Mean Monsanto, other Maine dairies followed, and dairies followed nationally.

So thanks to Oakhurst for looking out for the consumer, and let's hope that no one is interested in buying the looser product, Posilac, and it goes the way of the dinosaur.

Now can you see why Monsanto is fighting labeling their genetically modified foods as such?  Once people find out what they are eating, they give a damn and won't buy this stuff.

The FDA needs to require GMO labeling.  


Anonymous said...

Hi G, I posted a blog about BGH back in 10/2007. What I found with about 2 hours or so in research was pretty scary. A conspiracy theorist's dream. Read this blog post

We started using BGH free milk right afterward.


David Gerard said...

I've been trying to get discussion going re: Monsanto with satire, fwiw. Let's see how it goes. One weird claim already!