October 18, 2007

NAA: Sad News From Our Friends At BrainChild

From the National Autism Association:

Michael Lang, founder of BrainChild Nutritionals, died on Tuesday, October 16, 2007, after a brief but heroic fight with Pancreatic Cancer. Michael passed at home, surrounded by those who loved him. Michael was a brilliant, stubborn, generous, incredibly good and gentle man, who made great strides toward his great hope for curing autism.

Michael created vitamin and mineral supplements to help his own children, and then extended that gift to thousands of children, by founding BrainChild Nutritionals, to make exceptional liquid supplements for kids on the autistic spectrum. Michael used his last bit of energy to make a presentation to the DAN! Doctors' Think Tank from the hospital less than a week before he died. He was very excited about this presentation showing new information he'd recently gathered using his natural chelation program and wanted others to help carry on his work.

BrainChild Nutritionals will continue as it always has, in Michael's memory. Thank you all for being part of our extended family. We know that many of you loved Michael as well, and that he helped many of your children. Please know that Michael didn't suffer, and that his work will continue.

A fund is being set up to help Michael's children. A link with details on how to donate to this fund will be on the BrainChild website within the next couple days.

Michael Lang has been a great friend to NAA with his long time support of our Helping Hand Project, and to many of us here on a personal level. He was the ultimate "nice guy". He was genuinely caring, thoughtful and kind. We send our love and sympathy to Michael's children, family and everyone at Brainchild Nutritionals. He will be sadly missed.

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Wade Rankin said...

I just posted our family's tribute to Michael, including additional information about the fund for his children.