November 1, 2006

Watch for Falling Children

I have a herniated disk in my neck that is pinching off the nerves in my right arm.

Here is why:

My boy enjoys launching his body 45 lb. at people, but just assumees they know that he is coming and will catch him. Even if you are looking the other way. Or have your hands full of stuff, like a camera.

Has anyone done a study of ASD parents to see just how many serious physical assults they have suffered or to see if wearing some sort of protective hockey gear or body armor might help?


Anonymous said...

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Clay said...

With Edith, our problem comes from her violent tantrums. My wife and older daughter have particularily been victims who get the brunt of Edith's attacks. I think the worst was when Edith whacked her mother over the head with our telephone. Edith is very fast, and there usually isn't much of any warning that you are the next target. Often time she rams her mother in the back with her outstretched hands, or hits her in the stomach.

Anonymous said...

"Like a camera" ... LOL

He's such a love G. Get better for the next catch!

Glad to see you blogging again!


Anonymous said...

When my now six year old son was four, he was a jumper as well...if he was standing at the top of the stairs and the person at the bottome made eye contact- he would leap. In one such moment I was at the top next to him and he saw his Godfather (who at the time was unaware of the no eye contact rule)and he jumped...and I caught him kind of backwards by the shirt and succeeded in tearing my rotator cuff and all the muscles connected to my colar bone. When I got to the hospital they didnt beleive my story and asked me if my husband beat me...nope, just my kid. Have a great day!

Michelle O'Neil said...

I don't know about back injuries, but at a DAN! conference earlier this year, one of the researchers said mom's of autistic kids have MRI's like Vietnam Vets,(showing signs of post traumatic stress on their brain scans).

Go figure?

Adorable little guy you've got there!

Anonymous said...

they should do a study on teachers too. i've been bitten, punched, kicked, pinched, scratched, etc. i've been injured when running after students who have run out of the classroom and into traffic outside.