July 2, 2005

Look at me! I am a real live blogger!

So I have decided to go back home to DC and do a little Protest Blogging.

The National Autism Association is holding a rally on Capitol Hill on July 20 to call attention to the danger of mercury in vaccines. Chandler and I are planning on attending. I may make an attempt at live blogging if there is a connection available.

As I have mentioned before, I don't know yet if Chandler's Hg came from his vaccines. I have ruled out any vaccines that he got after 9 months of age, but I am still waiting on lot numbers from his first doc. He was born in March of 2002 which puts him closer to being in the clear of getting any, but he is close enough to the line of when thimerosal free vaccines became the norm that I can't rule it out.

What I am more worried about are the Rhogam shots that I was given. According to the FDA it contained Thimerosal until some time between 2001 and 2003. I got them during my pregnancies in 2000 and 2001/2002. Rhogam has two competitors, BayRho and WinRho, that did not contain Thimerosal at the time I got the Rh factor shots, so I am hoping that I was given one of those and just told that it was "Rhogam" because that is the well known name, like "Kleneex" and "Q-Tip".

Regardless of where his mercury came from, he has it, just like so many autistic kids. And if you have not read my post on why it is still important for Chandler that mercury stop being used in all vaccines, then let me refer you to a previous post, “Why This Matters”.

Bottom line, I have to agree with Unlocking Autism that “Giving Mercury to Children on Purpose is Stupid” especially when there are safer alternatives.


Anonymous said...

Yanno, I'm really sorry that your kid has autism, but trying to encourage people not to vaccinate their children against diseases that absolutely can kill you, like diptheria and polio, is just stupid.

Ginger Taylor said...

Dear Anon,

Just to clear up the misconception you have that I am encouraging people not to vaccinate their children: I state clearly exactly what I think about vaccines here

I am certianly open to criticism on this, but please find out where I actually stand before offering your critique.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your blog. Please clink on to my blog and if you can, add to the autism blog list on your site. I am an autism specialist with 20yr experience working with Native and Migrant families with autism.


Anonymous said...


I'm so happy to find other bloggers discussing autism. Please visit my blog if you think it might be helpful. I am the parent of a seventeen- year-old boy with autism. We reside in a State which is in the process of withdrawing support from the disabled for reason of economy.

Our URL is:http://web.mac.com/dward7097/iWeb/Doug%20Whispers/Blog/Blog.html.

Thanks for your efforts.


p.s. Why do the unaffected believe that the only options available are: don't vaccinate; or shut-up and accept what the medical community advises? How about if we just want to find the cause(s) of ASD(s)?

Epiphanic Mind said...


I am Amanda a mother of 2 children; one with Autism. I look forward to posting with all of you.